• Short on space?

    The ScanSnap iX100 or the S1100i are ideal compact scanners that are fast enough for receipts, documents and business cards while also making it easy to take out.

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  • Home Office environment?

    Fast and compact for home office use, the iX1500 automates your scanning with a clear, easy to use touch screen, making quick work of your paper documents.

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  • Sharing with the family?

    The iX1500 is ideal, as each family member can have their own touch screen buttons to send documents, homework, photos, recipes and more, direct to their personal device.

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  • Capturing memories?

    Whether you have photos of the family, precious letters from loved ones or the kids' artwork, the ScanSnap SV600 captures them all with ease. It can also captures scans 3d items like paintings and jewellery for insurance.

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At ScanSnap, we believe that paper should be a joy, not a burden. With ScanSnap you can quickly and easily convert papers into the applications you use. It's simplicity itself. You don't need to be an IT expert - you just need to touch a button.

Looking for document capture solutions for larger businesses?

If you are looking for scanning solutions for your business, then you might want to investigate our market-leading Fujitsu branded scanners in the fi and SP series

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