• High efficiency and performance

    Scans and organises at greater speed.

  • Powerful, intuitive operation

    Easy to install, configure, and start scanning – designed for maximum productivity.

  • Flexible

    Set up anywhere, scan to anywhere.

  • Automated productivity

    Scans, optimises, and saves up to 50 sheets to the cloud, PC-free.

  • Intuitive touchscreen

    Large, 4.3” screen enables scanning with one touch.

  • Team efficiency

    Colour-coded, pre-defined scanning buttons for up to 5 users.

  • Powerful software

    Easy to search, manage, and retrieve scanned documents.


  • Easy to plug in and start up

  • 40 pages per minute – the fastest ScanSnap speed yet

  • One-touch operation

  • Press button to scan, select from Quick Menu for searchable PDFs or editable files in applications

  • USB connection – ready to scan in record time with no complex settings to configure

  • Specialist features like receipt guide makes scanning easy for small or different types of documents

  • ScanSnap Home software included as standard