Get the gift of time this Winter with ScanSnap

Get the gift of time this Winter with ScanSnap

20 years after the launch of the first-ever ScanSnap scanner, we remain consistently committed to creating a smarter way to work and providing simple and intuitive technology.

And, like the four seasons that occur every year, a cycle of continual renewal underpins the ScanSnap range to make sure we are always meeting customer needs and preferences.

So, after seeing how ScanSnap enables people to more fully enjoy autumn, this time we’re focusing on winter.

The most important gift

When you think about winter, it is hard to think about much else than the festive season where people gather, wishes are granted, and gifts are handed out.

For most adults, though, time is the most valuable gift. Especially at this time of year when it can feel like we are juggling so many things. After all, it is impossible to enjoy quality family time without free time (never mind the chance to build yourself a snowman). Unfortunately, it isn’t as simple as clicking your fingers and making work admin disappear at a time when work deadlines often ramp up. 

To make sure you can enjoy winter to its fullest, don’t forget to consider how well-thought-out technology could make your life easier. Since its launch in 2001, ScanSnap has been giving people back more quality time than any other personal scanner brand.

Leading the way this winter

Over the past 20 years, ScanSnap scanners have developed a reputation for quality, practicality, and innovation, helping to make us the world’s best-selling personal scanner range with over six million units sold.

Our scanners incorporate best-in-class software like ScanSnap Home which quickly and easily converts the papers you have into the digitised files you need, giving you greater control, and helping you focus on what matters most. Our award-winning designs provide form as well as function for the modern office, and let you scan and organise documents at the push of a button so you can work better, faster, and smarter. 

As it is the season of giving, wouldn’t it be nice to be able to give more of your time to your friends and family, instead of spending it on tedious admin?

The ScanSnap family reunion

From office admin, to going on the road for external meetings or working remotely, the ScanSnap family has a model to match your needs and preferences whatever the situation.

And, they all have one thing in common; the time they can help you save, is a gift to anyone looking for the smarter and simplest way to make paper work for you and your business.