Tips for a clutter-free life

Nobody likes housework, and in the home office, it’s even more annoying. Here are some tips to help you achieve clutter-free bliss:

Eliminate distractions – take a long cold look around your office and prioritise items – then throw out the rest. You don’t really need those desk lamps, executive toys or leftover Secret Santa bits and pieces.

Bookend your workday – start the first ten minutes of every day, and the last ten minutes with an office sweep. Clear up and organise then you will be able to start work without any distractions.

Make order out of chaos – filing is the answer to most office confusion. Organise documents into piles or digitise them and automatically file the electronic copies. It’s really worth investing in an intelligent scanner.


Today’s devices are smart enough to automatically recognise text in the documents being scanned and use that information to allocate a relevant name. The digital file is then filed to the correct location in the cloud – fantastic when working as a team. Messy paper-based filing eliminated in one fell swoop.

Technology for improved productivity

Improving admin processes through intelligent and intuitive technology is a great way to regain time during the working day. By automating manual processes, such as typing file names for scanned documents, a small business can become more productive. Inputting receipts by hand is another tedious job we all avoid. Simply scan the receipts and ScanSnap will send them to the location in the cloud for the team to use.

When office information is digitised, everything is held in a format that is easily and quickly searchable and sharable, and this also helps save time when looking for that essential document or note.

Clean, tidy and well-organised workplaces help boost morale and contribute to lower stress levels. There is good evidence that they even contribute to less absenteeism caused by illness. So it really is true that a spring clean can put a spring in your step!