How to keep your small business safe

How to keep your small business safe

Many of us have been preoccupied with protecting ourselves and our loved ones better as we respond to the need to find new ways of working and living. But it’s perhaps never been more vital to seek smart ways of helping businesses weather any unexpected storms and emerge resilient in a digital world.

A key part of this is keeping your business records safe and protected for when you need to access them. As families and flatmates are spending more time at home, accidents are bound to happen. Digitising your files protects them if anything happens to the original, whether we spill our coffee on a new proposal, the important invoice turns into the latest artwork for the fridge, or the dog fancies tax returns for dinner.

Many small businesses don’t enjoy the luxury of an IT department or office space, so it’s up to people – working with smart technologies – to ensure their most important data remains safe in the face of who knows what might happen tomorrow; chance favours the prepared mind.

As author and personal time management guru Alan Lakein states, “Failing to plan is planning to fail,” so for today’s small business owners, resilience should start with looking at what can be done now that requires minimal extra effort. Fortunately, embracing technologies such as cloud storage can offer a secure, simple to use and readily accessible backup of your critical business information.

If you have little time balancing life with running a small business, digitising files and safely storing them into the cloud can be an effective way of boosting resilience. In an ever-changing regulatory landscape, setting up easy automated processes will help you comply with the many requirements coming your way – from GDPR to Freedom of Information requests. Of course, it’s not always easy to respond to new, unexpected regulatory requirements. But it is essential, as failure to comply can put your business’ reputation and even its entire existence at risk. 

By helping organise your digitised files, intelligent software such as ScanSnap Home can transform your everyday data into valuable and easily searchable information. Being in control of your paperwork, you can be ready to safeguard your business well into the future – whatever it brings.

The current economic climate is all about survival for small businesses. Although it has not become any easier, they can give themselves every chance by making use of simple – yet effective technologies – to free up costly admin time and focus on generating revenue instead. Now more than ever, the businesses that thrive will be those that embrace smart technologies and cloud solutions, and ScanSnap can be the first step in protecting your documents and data.

by Bee Isceneroglu