How to save time and thrive when working from home

How to save time and thrive when working from home

Across the world, 2020 had us all living in new, unexpected, and sometimes downright unusual ways. One year later, many of us are finding we’ve managed to adapt, whether we’ve learnt two more recipes to get us through the working week, or initiated our elderly relatives with the joys of virtual calls. We’ve made it this far, but now the question is: have we really thrived? 

Working from home doesn’t always mean working on our own terms. Since 2020, many people, especially working parents, have found themselves busier than ever, whilst feeling they are able to get even less done. The trick lies in uncovering new ways of working more productively, so you can live life at a pace that suits you.

At ScanSnap, we want to help you achieve just that. Now we’re all slowly getting over the shock of a major upending of our daily routines, we believe 2021 can be the year to find smarter ways of working. In fact, working smarter rather than harder is a philosophy embraced by some of the world’s most successful people.

Many of us would think that Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, would struggle to find free time in his packed schedule. However, as Bezos told the Economic Club of Washington DC in 2018, he proactively carves out periods of leisure every day. For Bezos, this daily routine sets him up for success, and perhaps the rest of us could benefit from following his example to welcome more moments of ease.

“I get up early. I go to bed early. I like to read the newspaper. I like to have coffee. I like to have breakfast with my kids before they got to school,” Bezos explained. “So my puttering time is very important to me.” He finds taking time to rest and reset actually helps him work more productively by improving his decision-making abilities.

Yet finding time for yourself to ‘putter’ every day can only happen with the right kind of support. Having easy-to-use technology that makes your life effortless is an essential first step. For maximising personal productivity, it’s essential to have devices and software you can count on to solve problems for you, so you can get back to that all-important leisure time. 

We understand that no matter how intelligent technology gets, it only truly saves you time if it’s intuitive and simple to use. That’s why we have designed ScanSnap’s portfolio of personal scanners to help you achieve more each day by digitising your paperwork effortlessly, and automatically saving your files where you need them. But we didn’t stop there. For this new year, we have introduced the ScanSnap iX1600, which speeds through scanning to give you back even more time.

Equipping yourself with technologies that make your life easier, rather than adding to your workload, will ensure nothing holds you back from the pace you want to live at, whether that’s powering through your day, or making space to rest and recharge. 

By Steve Chad