Optimise your workspace this summer with ScanSnap and Jabra

Optimise your workspace this summer with ScanSnap and Jabra

With many organisations adopting a permanent hybrid working strategy, having a productive environment both at home and in the office has never been more important. Digitising documents saves time looking through paperwork, keeps information easily accessible and makes hopping between work hot desks and home offices so much easier.

ScanSnap devices are designed to maximise personal productivity, automatically saving files to preferred cloud destinations, or scanning directly to email ready for easy distribution to contacts. Busy individuals and teams can digitise and organise all their documents with simple, one-touch operation, making them accessible from anywhere.

While opinions on productivity in the office versus working from home may be divided, both environments need to facilitate collaboration and be a place to focus free of distractions. Therefore, after the success of our previous ScanSnap promotions, we’re launching another exclusive offer to customers with any purchase of the iX1600.

From 1st June until 30th September 2022, our latest promotion offers a free Jabra Evolve2 30 headset with every purchase of the ScanSnap iX1600, enabling seamless and professional quality calls. With advanced 2-microphone audio system and noise cancellation, the headset reduces background noise making any hybrid workspace a more efficient, rewarding, and enjoyable place to get work done.

Ideal for small business owners, small teams and individual hybrid workers, the ScanSnap iX1600 boasts 40 ppm/ 80 ipm scanning speed and WiFi connectivity offering a fast and simple scanning process. The scanner and headset duo will help customers be more productive by digitising their workloads, sharing information, and collaborating in comfort.

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