Save time with ScanSnap this summer

Save time with ScanSnap this summer

20 years ago this summer, we launched the first ever ScanSnap scanner. And, two decades since the ScanSnap fi-4110EOX arrived, we continue to be the world’s best-selling personal scanner range.

From 2001 through to 2021, one thing has remained consistent: our commitment to the ScanSnap mission to create a smarter way to work and provide simple and intuitive technology that makes paper work for our customers and their businesses. 

But, like the seasons that occur every year, there is also a cycle of continual change and renewal that supports our overall aim. By updating, evolving, and adding new features we ensure ScanSnap continues to deliver on its promises.

Different people enjoy different seasons for different reasons. Whether it is spring or summer, autumn or winter, each has its own unique features and choosing your favourite between them comes down to individual preferences.


Making the most of your summer

Let’s take summer, for instance. For many people, it is all about taking the time to relax and unwind, spending time with friends and family, and exploring new things. 

To be able to make the most of what summer has to offer, you need to have the time to enjoy it. Everyday tasks shouldn’t get in the way and hold you back from that trip to the beach or day out with the kids. There’s nothing worse than having to cancel plans because you’re drowning in admin and can’t get away from the desk. 

Luckily, ScanSnap’s range has been designed with efficiency and productivity in mind since day one to give you precious time back. 

For instance, our portfolio all come with the intuitive ScanSnap Home software included. This assists with automatic classification, optimisation, and final file distribution into mainstream cloud storage services. Then there are time-saving features like one-touch scanning and the impressive scan speed of our latest models. Not to mention custom file tagging which even makes it easier to find files after you’ve scanned them. 

Just because the sun is (hopefully) shining it doesn’t mean your tasks disappear. They still need to get done. The trick is being efficient and embracing a smarter way to work so you can maximize your productivity and your time. 

Always evolving and always there

Like summer changes into autumn, the ScanSnap range is constantly evolving, too. We are always looking to reduce our customer’s workload and increase the precious commodity of time. Whether you are searching for the ultimate in personal productivity, need to turn time-consuming chores into simple tasks, or want a super practical option that does a little bit of everything, there is a scanner for you.

We know that not even summer can guarantee wall to wall sunshine, but we like to think that by combining smart technology, speed, and a simple user experience, that our personal scanners can be guaranteed to save you time so you can spend it on making the most of your summer and beyond.