Leitz® IQ Home Office P4 Shredder

Leitz® IQ Home Office P4 Shredder

  • Quiet operation

    For a calm working environment (when using Leitz oil papers regularly)

  • Your companion at your desk

    Shreds up to 10 sheets of A4 per pass

  • Anti jam technology

    For uninterrupted shredding! Automatically stops and reverses the paper out when too much paper is inserted

  • Continuous 6 minute run time

    Ideal for occasional shredding use. LED light signals when the shredder needs to stop to cool down

  • Touch-Control

    Simple and intuitive for easy operation

  • Easy to empty 23L bin

    For up to 225 sheets before it needs to be emptied

  • 2+1 years guarantee

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