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    We’ve upgraded the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500, replacing it with the fast and stylish iX1600. Explore the enhanced performance and added functionality of the iX1600 and find out where to buy.

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What is the iX1500?

The ScanSnap iX1500 has been discontinued after establishing itself as one of the most popular scanners on the market. Quick and convenient, the iX1500 offered the ability to digitise large volumes of documents efficiently. Available in black and white models, it boasted a helpful touch screen, smart software, wireless connectivity and a refined design.

Originally launched in October 2018, the Fujitsu ScanSnap iX1500 was built to simplify the scanning process, offering wireless scanning functionality on PC, Mac, iOS and Android devices. It allowed for one-touch scanning and data utilisation, with clear touchscreen icons to help aid usability. Users could also set up multiple profiles at home and at work to allow for additional users.

Now we’re taking things even further. After establishing itself as the market leader for personal and small professional scanning, we’ve updated the iX1500 with a new and improved alternative, the smooth and efficient iX1600. Discover the ultimate in scanning speed and team functionality with the iX1600, our fastest scanner to date.

ScanSnap iX1500 vs iX1600 

A stylish successor to the iX1500, the iX1600 provides the ideal professional scanning solution for small teams and individuals aiming to organise their paperwork rapidly.


Some of the main differences between the iX1600 and the iX1500 include

  • Increased speed. With the ScanSnap iX1600, get greater scanning speeds than the previous iX1500 model. Enjoy speeds of up to 40ppm/80ipm.
  • Greater team functionality. Whether you’re self-employed, run a small business or have lots of home scanning needs, the iX1600 delivers a seamless multi-user experience.
  • Simpler receipt management. Scan a batch of mixed receipts all at once to make your life easier.
  • Flexible document sizes. Choose from standard sizes like A4, A5, A6, B5 and B6, through to business cards, postcards, letters and legal documents.
  • Smart built-in software. The all-in-one ScanSnap Home software makes document searches and management straightforward.
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