What is the ScanSnap S1100i Mobile Scanner?

The ScanSnap S1100i has been discontinued from our scanner range after having a run at being one of the most popular personal scanners available on the market. Small, compact, lightweight, and barely the width of a sheet of A4 paper the S1100i made it easy to transport and scan your documents wherever.

The S1100i was first launched over a decade ago, it was designed at helping those who are always on the go or who had limited desk space to transform their personal productivity. The ScanSnap S1100i allowed users to scan personal and business documents such as receipts, contracts, and business cards straight to their computer and ideal applications.

We’ve updated our S1100i with a newer and faster model the iX100, wireless and rechargeable for added efficiency and productivity wherever you go. Learn more about the ScanSnap iX100 scanner and all it has to offer.

ScanSnap S1100i vs iX100

The iX100 is the upgraded successor of the S1100i, which provides the added functionality of being fully wireless and rechargeable, utilising Wi-fi scan to be able to scan straight to the cloud or mobile – making it the perfect companion for anyone who needs to handle documents on the go.

Both the S1100i and iX100 share the same core functionalities, such as:

  • Automatic document feeder. Allowing you to automatically feed and scan your documents, quickly and easily.
  • Market-leading software. Enjoy the same leading ScanSnap scanning software, allowing you to scan your documents efficiently to your ideal applications.
  • Ability to scan documents ranging from A4 to A8 for scanning receipts, documents, contracts or business cards.

The main differences between the ScanSnap S1100i and the iX100 include:

  • Increased scanning speed. Enjoy faster document scanning with the iX100 allowing you to scan a page in just 5.2 seconds.
  • Scan using wi-fi. Completely wireless, the iX100 allows for greater portability and wireless scanning straight to your mac or PC.
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