Premium contactless scanner rapidly scans documents, books, magazines and reports directly to your PC or Mac.

Contactless scanning solution for multiple items

Contactless scanning solution for multiple items

3D items easily and quickly captured

3D items easily and quickly captured

Award winning design

Award winning design


This overhead scanner is perfect for scanning books, artwork and other fragile items. The ScanSnap SV600 is a revolutionary award winning design that uses overhead scanning for instant digitisation of traditionally difficult to scan books, pictures, bound documents, and 3D or fragile items; it’s even safe for those which are sensitive to UV light.

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The ScanSnap SV600 can simply and intuitively scan a variety of loose paper such as delicate information, maps, delivery notes, receipts, business cards, historical documents and blueprints up to A3 in size with one button press.

The SV600 automatically corrects curved page distortion in bound documents up to 30mm deep and contactless scanning and produces high-quality readable files using the latest technology. The award winning compact design makes the SV600 a great addition to any desk.

Transform your personal productivity

Magazines, books, fragile documents, and multiple items are now easily and rapidly captured using the ScanSnap SV600

“The SV600 is proving very useful for documents that are too large or too stiff to go through a sheet feeder and, above all, for books. The ability of the scanner and the accompanying software to straighten scans of books, even where there is a deep crease near the spine, is most impressive.”

Amazon customer review 5*

ScanSnap SV600 Automatically Adjusting Distortion for Output

  • General

    Scanner TypePublicContactless / Overhead DESKTOP Scanner
    ADF CapacityPublic-
    Scanning Colour ModesPublicColour, Greyscale, Monochrome, Automatic Detection (Colour / Greyscale / Monochrome)
    Optical ResolutionPublicHorizontal Scanning: 285 to 218 dpi Vertical Scanning: 283 to 152 dpi
    Image Sensor TypePublicColour Charge Coupled Device (CCD) Lens Reduction Optics
    Light SourcePublicWhite LED + Lense illumination x 2
  • Scanning Speed (A4 Portrait)

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