ScanSnap SV600
    Overhead Scanner


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    Premium contactless scanner rapidly scans documents, books, magazines and reports directly to your PC or Mac.

    Contactless scanning solution for multiple items

    Contactless scanning solution for multiple items

    3D items easily and quickly captured

    3D items easily and quickly captured

    Award winning design

    Award winning design


    The ScanSnap SV600 is a revolutionary award winning design that uses overhead scanning for instant digitisation of traditionally difficult to scan books, pictures, bound documents, and 3D or fragile items; it’s even safe for those which are sensitive to UV light. Trusted by The Watercolour World for scanning historical collections from major galleries around the world.

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    Ideal scanner for

    • design agencies,
    • professional services,
    • galleries,
    • schools and much more
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    The ScanSnap SV600 can simply and intuitively scan a variety of loose paper such as delicate information, maps, delivery notes, receipts, business cards, historical documents and blueprints up to A3 in size with one button press.

    The SV600 automatically corrects curved page distortion in bound documents up to 30mm deep and contactless scanning and produces high-quality readable files using the latest technology. The award winning compact design makes the SV600 a great addition to any desk.


    Transform your personal productivity

    Magazines, books, fragile documents, and multiple items are now easily and rapidly caputured using the ScanSnap SV600

    “The SV600 is proving very useful for documents that are too large or too stiff to go through a sheet feeder and, above all, for books. The ability of the scanner and the accompanying software to straighten scans of books, even where there is a deep crease near the spine, is most impressive.”

    Amazon customer review 5*

    Fujitsu ScanSnap SV600 Automatically Adjusting Distortion for Output

    Its innovative design makes the ScanSnap SV600 the most versatile contactless scanner on the market”

    Dave Mitchell – 5* review
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    Fujitsu’s one touch overhead scanner gives your business multi-purpose versatility with digital efficiency. Scan any type of document whether flat sheet or bound up to A3 in size. The SV600 automatically corrects curved page distortion in bound documents up to 30mm deep and contactless scanning helps protect delicate documents and produces high-quality readability using VI technology.”

    Dave Mitchell – 5* review
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    Scanning SpeedSimplex (Auto mode)Speed at “Better mode” or “Best mode”3  sec/page 4
    Simplex (Normal mode)Speed at 150 dpi, DIN A4, portrait3  sec/page
    Simplex (Better mode)Speed at 200 dpi, DIN A4, portrait3  sec/page
    Simplex (Best mode)Speed at 300 dpi, DIN A4, portrait3  sec/page
    Simplex (Excellent mode)Speed at 600 dpi, DIN A4, portrait3  sec/page
    WiFi InterfaceUSB 2.0
    Light SourceWhite LampWhite LED x 2 5
    Media SizeMinDIN FormatA9
    Maxmm25.4 x 25.4
    DIN formatA3
    mm300 x 400
    Standard Image Processing FunctionsDeskew and Autocropping ✓ 2,3
    JPEG Data Compression  ✓
    Document thickness0mm-30mm
    Power Consumption220V – 240V ± 10% 50/60 Hz (VA)<20
    ENERGY STAR* / Power consumption in energy save mode•/<2.6
    Noise Level (dBA)Sound Pressure Level<50
    Sound Power Level<6.2
    Weight (kg)3
    DimensionsHeight (mm)383
    Width (mm)210
    Depth (mm)156
    Standard Software BundlesScanSnap Manager  ✓
    ABBYY* FineReader for ScanSnap  ✓
    Cardminder  ✓
    ScanSnap Receipt  ✓


    1   3 seconds per A3 Landscape page at every resolution
    2 Multiple document detection
    3 Page turning detection
    4 Switch between “Better mode” and “Best mode” depends on the length of the document
    5 Optical resolution differs due to variable scanning angle on the same document

    ScanSnap Organizer
    Generate searchable, editable PDF or PDF/A files


    Scan to Excel / PowerPoint / Word
    Convert into editable files for common MS Office applications


    Save contact data from business cards

    ScanSnap Receipt
    Automatically extract data from receipts


    Scan to mobile
    Send documents directly to mobile devices


    ScanSnap Folder
    Integration with document management solutions