Our Imaging Channel Program has been designed to give you, our partners a range of opportunities to build your business. As a partner, you can access the information and tools you need to:

  • Grow your business from existing customers
  • Realise the imaging and digitisation market opportunity
  • Differentiate your business and sharpen your competitive edge
  • Open up new markets and close more deals
  • Help your staff become more expert
  • Develop your relationship with us and connect with our software partner eco-system
  • Increase credibility and differentiate your business

The range and depth of the Imaging Channel Program provide the building blocks for your business growth. We will support you with Partner Activation Kits, advanced product notifications and roadmaps, social media tools, co-marketing agreements, Marketing Development Fund (MDF), supported pricing, rebates, pre-sales plus bid support and access to multi-format KnowledgeStream sessions.

Register now and you’ll be on your way to gaining exclusive access to market-leading expertise, practical support and dynamic resources.

At the same time sign up to our Imaging Rewards scheme which gives you the ability to turn sales and commitment into the rewards you really want. It is easy to log and track your sales and earn towards your favourite items from our extensive catalogue.