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    ScanSnap Home Scanner Software

    Quickly and easily convert documents to the applications you use with the new free ScanSnap Home software.

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The latest ScanSnap software update can now be downloaded for all compatible ScanSnap devices. To take advantage of the latest ScanSnap features – including Photo Scan with Auto Enhancement, Fading Correction, face recognition with auto rotation, and Red Eye Correction – download the latest update here.

Perfect for home or small office use

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    ScanSnap Home is ideal for families and small businesses, allowing you to control and share your paperwork with family, friends or colleagues. Never lose track of your papers again.

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    Small businesses can scan and distribute vital documents with team members and access anywhere with access to cloud storage.

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    Families can capture and share personal moments and crucial documents with your cloud service to have them to hand whenever you want.

How does ScanSnap Home Software help?

  • Saves time and money

    Scan your documents, receipts, business cards and pictures and let the software file each format - even suggesting file names. Save time searching for photos of the family or vital documents – find them with ScanSnap Home.

  • Organise your documents

    Allows you to preview, manage, tag, search and retrieve your important documents or memories. Never lose important documents again with ScanSnap Home.

  • Share your documents

    Scan and share your files via the cloud with your team or family. Have your documents at hand wherever you are.

  • Capture your memories

    Keep your memories close to hand with ScanSnap Home.

  • Access your vital information

    Powerful tagging and search functions make retrieval of documents from the cloud quick and painless.

  • Protect your business

    When the worst happens, you need crucial information fast. Flood damage, fires, litigation all occur every day. ScanSnap Home helps you get back in business fast.

Download ScanSnap Home Now

ScanSnap Home Introduction

Simplicity, Control and Collaboration are at the heart of ScanSnap

  • Simplicity

    The ScanSnap Home software makes capturing documents a breeze. Scan directly to your phone or laptop. Receipts, invoices, business cards and photos are automatically identified – ScanSnap Home even suggest a name and learns from you.

  • Control

    Control your paperwork and rapidly file your documents with ease using the intuitive ScanSnap Home software. The software allows you to scan to and produce editable and searchable pdf’s, Excel, Word and PowerPoint files.

  • Collaboration

    Share your critical documents with colleagues or share family memories with powerful free ScanSnap Home software.

  • New levels of control

    Powerful preview, manage, tag, search and retrieve functions in ScanSnap Home make accessing your vital papers or important memories - never lose track of documents again with ScanSnap Home.

  • Save time & money

    ScanSnap Home recommends file names from the text in the document. Not only does the accuracy of information extraction increase the more you scan, but edits made to file names are learned for later naming suggestions. Bypass the hassle of repetitive post-scan operations Corrections made to scanned documents are reflected on successive scans with the same company, allowing you to share business cards, invoices and receipts rapidly.

ScanSnap Home FAQs

  • How much is it?

  • How many users and devices does it support?

  • Where can I get ScanSnap Home?

  • Compatibility


  • Documents

    Quickly find that recipe or meeting agenda that you stored last week with easy access tags.

  • Receipts

    Keep track of your spending habits each month so that you can check back whenever you desire.

  • Business Cards

    Contact whoever you need right away with the software organizing captured data according to company name and much more.

  • Photos

    Create an original album and share important memories with your family and friends.