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    ScanSnap Home (for mobile)

    Featuring an intuitive interface, sharing, and cloud functionality, ScanSnap Home makes digitizing anything – from any mobile device – easy

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ScanSnap Home (for mobile) is a new application designed to enhance its ScanSnap product series. It works with Wi-Fi-enabled ScanSnap iX100, iX1300, iX1500 and iX1600 scanners to help users organize, manage, and edit data from one application, making digitizing everything, from tax documents to precious photographs, easier.

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Intuitive user interface for easier operation

With the user-friendly interface, you can see your scan settings, such as file format and colour mode, at a glance. Searching and viewing scanned data is also very quick and easy.

Just tap to share scanned data with family and friends

Link up with your regular chat applications, messages, and other social network applications by tapping on the share icon on your smartphone device. Utilize your scanned data to enrich communication with your family and friends. ScanSnap Home (for mobile) is even useful to facilitate communication with your colleagues at work for better work efficiency.

ScanSnap Cloud settings completed on mobile devices

Setting up "ScanSnap Cloud", a service that delivers scanned data directly from your ScanSnap to various cloud services, can be completed on mobile devices without a PC. After setting up ScanSnap Cloud, ScanSnap automatically recognizes the type of scanned document ("Documents", "Business Cards", "Receipts", or "Photos") and saves the data to your preferred cloud service according to your setting. With ScanSnap Home (for mobile), you can also view the data history sent via ScanSnap Cloud.

  scansnap cloud settings on mobile


  • scan to mobile icon

    Scan to mobile

    Scan directly to your mobile device

  • wireless scanning icon


    Supports all ScanSnap wireless models including iX100, iX1300, iX1500 and iX1600

  • documents icon

    Automatic Rotation

    Recognises the orientation of the document and automatically corrects it, just as it would when scanning to a PC (released 30/01/2024)

  • cloud sync icon

    ScanSnap Sync

    Automatically uploads scanned images to One Drive, Dropbox, or Google Drive

  • icon showing a hand pressing a button or screen


    Just press the blue button in the App

  • access files icon

    Instant Access

    Access your scanned files on the go and easily send scans to others

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ScanSnap Home (for mobile) FAQs

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