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    The upgraded ScanSnap Manager software brings the traditional simple operation to our latest ScanSnap scanners and MAC OS users.

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The distribution and support of ScanSnap Manager will be terminated in October 2024.
We recommend using ScanSnap Home, which is a successor of ScanSanp Manager.
We have already ceased the provision of new functions for ScanSnap Manager.

ScanSnap Home

How does ScanSnap Manager Software help?

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    Saves time and money

    Save time searching for photos of the family or vital documents.

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    Capture your memories

    Keep your memories close to hand with ScanSnap Manager.

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    Protect your vital information and protect your business

    When the worst happens, you need crucial information fast. Flood damage, fires, litigation all occur every day. ScanSnap Manager helps you get back in business fast.

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