ScanSnap helps accounting firm streamline client services, saving hundreds of billable hours

ScanSnap helps accounting firm streamline client services, saving hundreds of billable hours

Andrew Sharma & Co. is a chartered accounting firm based in Uxbridge, UK, helping businesses and clients in London and surrounding counties with a range of accounting services including auditing, accounting and tax services. Established in 1984, by Chartered Accountant Andrew Sharma, the company has successfully built and maintained a strong reputation in providing and delivering excellent customer services across its clients. 

The typical clientele for Andrew Sharma & Co. is small to medium sized business and many would outsource their accounting and tax needs to them resulting in the processing of hundreds of documents on a regular basis. This includes bank statements, invoices, vouchers, etc , all of which are populated into accounting software by the office team. On average, the team handles more than 8000 documents a month that must be scanned and processed in a timely manner to maintain the high-level service that Andrew Sharma & Co. has built, and compliance needs of the clients

Andrew Sharma & Co. purchased their first ScanSnap device, a ScanSnap S1300i, more than 10 years ago to support the business’s heavy scanning needs both in the office and out in the field. The company has made use of the devices’ abilities to connect to tablets, phones, laptops and desktops to help it operate quickly and efficiently for their clients. 

Mobility and Agility 

The nature of Andrew Sharma & Co. as a client services business means that the team are often out at client meetings and having a scanning device that they can easily bring to meetings was one of the biggest benefits of the ScanSnap S1300i. By incorporating the ScanSnap Manager software solution, documents could be quickly scanned and sorted straight to the company’s filing system, allowing the office team to begin processing the documents straight away, without needing to worry about where it might be saved. 

“We have more than 100 clients ranging from large corporate companies to small suppliers with only 5 to 10 employees and so to be able to maintain the quality of service that we are known for across these varied businesses, we needed to ensure that we have an agile process when it comes to scanning documents,” commented Andrew Sharma, owner of Andrew Sharma & Co. “With PFU (EMEA) Limited’s ScanSnap devices and software services, we have been able to scan a wide range of documents and allocate to the respective member of the team easily and quickly, saving us valuable time and money in the process.

“Much of our business involves processing businesses finances and to be able to scan hundreds of documents daily means that our clients are receiving the service they need. Since integrating ScanSnap solutions into our business, we’ve saved many chargeable hours.”