The latest ScanSnap software update can now be downloaded for all compatible ScanSnap devices. To take advantage of the latest ScanSnap features – including Photo Scan with Auto Enhancement, Fading Correction, face recognition with auto rotation, and Red Eye Correction – download the latest update here.

Here’s more detail on the benefits now available to you with ScanSnap 2.5..

Photo Scan

Auto Enhancement

Photo brightness and contrast are automatically adjusted to optimal levels to ensure that even the most delicate of shadows are beautifully captured.

Fading Correction

Now you can add vibrancy and restore colours that have washed out from sun exposure and old age.

Red Eye Correction

Red eye can ruin amazing moments taken in flash photography. This latest update, coupled with existing face detection, removes the red eye effect for natural captures.

Image Rotation for Photographs

Rotate photos based on the orientation of faces it detects within them. For scans recognised as photos within ScanSnap Home and ScanSnap Cloud, the face detection software locates eyes and mouths and rotates the image accordingly – making sure any photo you scan that features a face is always saved the right way round.

Scan to New Destinations

The Scan to Email feature for ScanSnap iX1500 and iX1600 devices connected to ScanSnap Cloud lets you scan documents directly into an email without the need to be connected to a computer.

Please see the instructions below:

Add a profile based on the "Email Directly" template and set email destination in "Email setting"

ScanSnap Home Introduction

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